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12.07.2015 - Полностью переделан и оптимизирован дизайн сайта. Добавлена новая информация, актуализирована старая. Добавлены архивные фотографии. В разделе "Взгляд со стороны" добавлены видеофрагменты телепередач и интервью.

12.07.2015 - Написана песня "Тебя, как музыку по нотам прочитать мне не дано". Слова: Ловер.

01.06.2015 - На страницах альбомов добавлено лучшее видео, созданное на эту музыку моими слушателями.

10.04.2015 - Написана песня "Не говори мне о любви". Слова: Ловер.

23.01.2015 - Записана песня "Я с нежностью тихой опять прикасаюсь" (Кристина) в исполнении Лемешкиной Анны.

23.11.2013 - Sixteenth album "Dreamer".

05.03.2013 - New fifteenth album "Shape of my heart" - congratulations to our dear women.

31.10.2012 - Fourteenth album "Faithfulness" was finished.

30.03.2012 - Composition "Kristina" became a winner of "THE GREAT AMERICAN SONG CONTEST" ("Instrumental" category) and gets 'Outstanding Achievement In Songwriting' Award.

18.12.2011 - New "New Year's" album "Musician"

07.03.2011 - Twelfth album "Distant Close" recorded.

23.05.2010 - Eleventh album "Listen to your heart" was finished.

22.11.2009 - Tenth album "Where are you? Who are you?" recorded.

31.05.2009 - Ninth album "From a clear sheet of paper " was created

18.10.2008 - Eighth instrumental album "Lost wings"

21.02.2008 - This site take the first place in "Electronic Volgograd 2008", contest, organized by administration of the city Volgograd in nomination "Best amateur sites"

17.02.2008 - Seventh album "Spectral house" was recorded.

03.08.2007 - Sixth album "Where does the love go anyway..." was finished.

25.11.2004 - This site take the third place in "Electronic Volgograd 2004" contest, organized by administration of the city Volgograd in nomination "Best personal sites"

08.09.2004 - I'v finished work on five album "Two worlds".

08.10.2003 - Was created my fourth album "In the authority of fire".

07.09.2003 - Birthday of this page.

15.08.2002 - The end of third album "Revival".

08.10.2001 - Second album "This is only a dream..." was finished.

08.10.2000 - My first album "Echo" was created.

Welcome, my guest!

       I want to tell you about music whose meaning consists in melody, harmony and beauty.
       I want to tell as a composer, who creates music.
       If you feel and love music, if it can excite you, if you agree with the words of B.Asafiev: "Melody is the soul of music"... welcome. You will find here instrumental music: contemporary classic, jazz and other...
       Be my listener. Be my judge.

Yours faithfully, Stanislav

Singing version of the instrumental composition "Kristina"
Lyrics: Lover
Singer: Anna Lemeshkina


Lost wings (2008)


Kristina* (2002)


Empty cafe (2011)


The old cat (2013)


Where love goes... (2007)


* - This song became a winner of "THE GREAT AMERICAN SONG CONTEST" ("Instrumental" category) and gets the 'Outstanding Achievement In Songwriting' Award

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2000 г. - CD "Echo"
       The first album. Simple and naive. Very sad and melodious..

2001 г. - CD "This is only a dream..."

2002 г. - CD "Revival"
       The most interesting from the first albums. Very emotional
       and lyrical.

2003 г. - CD "In the authority of Fire"
       Experimental album. New genres and approaches.

2004 г. - CD "Two worlds"
       "Symphony" album. Quintessence of experience for five years.

2007 г. - CD "Where does the love go anyway..."
       Emotionally difficult album for me. Discrepant and confused.

2008 г. - CD "Spectral house"
        Simple, lyrical, sad and light created in a difficult
       time of my life.

2008 г. - CD "Lost wings"
       About past and present. Regret and hope.
       About person who would be have wings...

2009 г. - CD "From a clear sheet of paper"
       Again to start from beginning...
       Understand the gist and acquire meaning...

2009 г. - CD "Where are you? Who are you?"
       Quiet and tender...
       The album is the question...

2010 г. - CD "Listen to your heart"
       The music of soul
       for whose who can listen.

2011 г. - CD "Distant Close"
       The spring album
       Living and unexpected...

2011 г. - CD "Musician"
       Light and New Year's.
       The present of you!

2012 г. - CD "Faithfulness"
       For those who love faithfully...

2013 г. - CD "Shape of my heart"
       The album - Congratulations.
       Gift for our dear women

2013 г. - CD "Dreamer"
       Talk about Dream!
       Those who can and knows how to dream...

Песни разных лет
       Music, gained its voice.
       Samples and experiments in song genre.